-- April 2022 --
-- 4/29/2022 --

After 6 whole months of procrastination... Website is almost finished!
- SkylarZYX / XyZs -

It probably ain't as pretty and I coulda put more effort into designing it, but it's something from XYZ after 6 whole months, I coulda done all this in less than a week, but I do not have all the time in the world as of right now, hopefully in the future I will be able to start firing more prods at a more rapid pace because making things is p nice. 

I'ma hold off the IRC for a bit, we already have a discord if you wanna join, I'm gonna try to start making more productions in the future and maybe they'll turn out like I want to unlike this rushed website (even though it literally took me 6 months to complete)

Also I know were supposed to be a demogroup and all; Grave left after its formation because he wanted to keep working on DASHY Studios and Zamarron has his own things to deal with, if you feel like you want to join the demogroup, you may do so by emailing, joining the discord, or pming me on XYZ Forums!

Anyways thank you for reading the first blog post of XYZ Studio, hope yall have a nice day/night :)

e-mail: [email protected]