XYZ Studio Community Rules
These rules are for the XYZ Forums and the IRC.
These must be read before you chat!

Rule 1:
Don't harass, spam, or scam
Be kind and respectful to everyone else, we like and care about everyone here and we want 0 beef. This also includes DOXXING others!
Rule 2:
Any hate speech or discrimination here is not tolerated
No discriminations against groups, race, skin color, sexual identity, disability, etc. Slurs included as well.
Rule 3:
NO Politics or Drama
Everyone has different views of things and we think drama should be handled privately.
Rule 4:
DO NOT post any type of nsfw around here since we aren't a community that's focused on that stuff
Forum Advertising Rule:
Advertise your stuff in the SHOWCASING category and not in other channels please!
IRC Advertising Rule:
You may advertise on the IRC channel, but giving some context instead of just posting a link would be appreciated.
Any rules broken may lead to consequences!
Discord rules are slightly different, if you are reading these for the discord, please do not abide by these rules and read the #rules channel on the discord instead!
Email here to appeal a ban from either IRC or Forum:
[email protected]
(if you get no responses from our email after a month means we have rejected your appeal)