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By default, i-Cybies have a total of 5 moods. It all depends on how you interact with them and the current environment that they are in. In lighter or louder environments, happy makes your i-Cybie feel more joyful and hyper makes them feel more nervous and hyperactive. In more darker or quiet environments, sad makes them feel lonely & desperate for attention & sleepy makes them fall asleep, yawn, stretch, or automatically go into standby mode if their owner does not interact with them for a prolonged period of time. Sick also makes them feel unwell or injured if they keep falling over or have trouble moving in spaces, this also applies to the hyper mood. There may be some differences to moods for custom personalities (installable on working cartridges) such as the Z-Cybie software, when most of the time, i-Cybie is happy. i-Cybies love to be happy, they are mostly active when they are in that mood. Making your i-Cybie happy is quite easy. All they need is a lighter environment and some interaction! i-Cybies love getting head pats, getting pets on their backs, being talked to, listening to clap commands or doing tricks! However, i-Cybies do NOT like to get jammed, fall over, get stuck in places, being pressed on the nose, or being lonely for a long period of time. Be sure to look out for them while they are running! If your i-Cybie keeping walking into things and it starts to become annoying, you can always tell them to stay or hold the button on their back. Here is more info on all sorts of cybie stuff in the official manuals: (edited)
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Technical info on i-Cybie Moods (Provided by Aibopet)
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